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About The Author

Carolyn Elizabeth Griffin

There are varied diversified areas in the background of the author, starting with education in business, finance, politics, real estate, and law.  The author has been involved with a few solutions – oriented think tanks for various situations.

There is extensive experience in real estate investing, real estate projects, and appraising. The background in alternative medical research involved working with a world re-noun scientist. There were numerous breakthroughs in rare diseases, and cancer.  The background in other business areas is quite extensive.

The involvement in oil, gas, and minerals is for humanitarian causes.  These humanitarian causes involve the homeless, children, and various types of victims, along with other creative projects.

The public speaking involves varied platforms for different delivery of communicative informative speech, with insight into different areas. The speeches in the political arena, brought about beneficial solutions as the speeches were with insight, wisdom, and conviction to bring about changes.

The creative prolific writing for the films to be made are to bring centered positive changes, causing different thinking for positive influence to make a difference, to unite people in peaceful causes, to bring about insight, and to make the world a better place. This is to further benefit people in many areas.

The author likes to create projects that bring influence, enjoys nature, and appreciates the fine arts.

The author is known as the “American Freedom Fighter” with the people in the military satellite space based technology computer system, known as the system.

The whistleblower communications involve where she chose to take a stand, to fight, to stop them, to prevent the horrid shocking outcome which would have resulted from the forced hostile takeover of the United States of America, coup d’état.

As she refused high amounts of money to buy her silence, or join them, these treasonous wolves were placing everyone in harms way with a perilous outcome.