Mrs. Sorenson

We could not put the book down, Treasonous Wolves, and nearly read most of it the first night. The danger in the USA that came at the author under such well hidden secrecy is an eye opening thing to understand. We have never read a story like this one before now. Then due to the highly unusual content out of the norm information that will capture anyone’s attention, where you can’t put the book down. Then we certainly want to continue into the second book, what a great read.

Mrs. Thompson

As enjoyed we reading the story, we could see this being made into a motion picture film, which we think would be a huge success. The author who is labeled the American Freedom Fighter we give a standing ovation, for a story well told that held our attention tightly, continuing our further interest to definitely read moe of this story. We whole heartedly recommend this first book, it will jolt your thinking.

John Peterson

After I read Treasonous Wolves, I was shocked that this was happening in the USA, and want to read the entire series of ten books in 500 Billion To Buy Silence. Fantastic writing job by the author in the way the story was expressed, very interesting in the writing style

Robert Williamson

The first book in 500 Billion to Buy Silence; Treasonous Wolves, it was very exciting, held me captivated wanting to know more. This is a highly recommended book! And I definitely want to read the next book in the series

Tracy Morrison

The story Treasonous Wolves it is very rivetingly over the top shocking, very unexpected this happened here in the United States. It was interesting to learn more about the group trying to overthrow the control of the USA, as Edward Snowden the USA Whistleblower had stated there was this group, but nothing else was shared about it by him. So it is great to learn more about it now in this book. It was also nice to learn more about what the author stated about Edward Snowden as I am a Whistleblower fan. Highly recommended by