Shimmer and Sammy the Seahorse Adventures

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This is a delightful captivating series of stories about Shimmer the mermaid, and Sammy the seahorse for their exciting all over the world adventures.   This is educational on sea life, and integrates the social life of the sea life underwater club members teaching children to socialize, to join in, and with self-confidence make new friends.

As they form their underwater sea adventure club all adults, and children are invited to join worldwide. Then while inside the underwater club all of the adventures are shared, along with where all of the hidden treasures are located.

The stories of Shimmer who rides her stunning stallion Sammy the seahorse around rocks, inside caves, sunken ships, around islands, all around the world seeking out new adventures, and friends. They help any new friend out along the way, where some are adopted by Shimmer the mermaid. They even get a lost yacht full of family with friends rescued.

They want to help girls, and boys in need worldwide, make new friends, show their love with gracious kindness to everyone along with making sure they are all safe.

Then each captivating story brings in a new underwater member from the day’s adventure of Shimmer the mermaid, and Sammy the seahorse.

The education of each new sea life member helps the others to understand how to accept the new kinda different friends, as everyone is accepted with generous love, and hugs with Shimmer kisses on the cheek.

This is an adorable series of stories where every enchanting sea adventure brings a whole new variety of surprises. The underwater club members are so very excited to become involved in the next adventure as they love Shimmer, and Sammy!

They form rules of showing love to one another for the underwater club. They deepen the ways of showing admiration, and value to their members.  As they appreciate all new friends they always want to make them important, and feel special.

The underwater members determine safety, the importance of following the rules, and honoring their parents in showing respect.

They learn good manners, how to say hello to a new friend while inviting someone in to be a member showing more, and more love every day even doing good deeds.

There is a membership card sent at the request by email.

The birthdays for members are celebrated for every member worldwide by remembering them.

These daring fascinating, darling kicky adventures will widen the horizon for everyone’s understanding on various areas of life, and growing in love.  The heart of Shimmer in how she cares, and feels love for everyone is being shown by example to everyone where even the adults along with children feel loved.  The sea life members are tickled fancy pink, and blue as she shimmers her love with sparkling bright eyes.

Join In Too Have A Lot Of Sea Adventure Smiling Fun!

Don’t miss out on the next enchanting inspiring adventure with bubbles of sea life fun with Shimmer, and Sammy the Seahorse!


The expertise of Clara Griffin the author’s mother a well known professor in child, growth, and development influenced the author’s writing.  Then as an expert with knowledge involving children from her experience caused Clara Griffin’s reputation to be well known up, and down the coast of California, USA.  Then Mr. Walt Disney from the Walt Disney Studios in California sought her out because of her reputation of high success in working with children for over twenty years.  As they became more acquainted, they became good friends as her input helped with his success.  Many parents sought her out for advise, and help with their children where they had great results.

As Clara Griffin was involved with advising Mr. Walt Disney on dialog along with content for children, the author Carolyn Griffin learned a great deal about writing for children.  Then Clara Griffin gave her seal of approval for this series Shimmer, and Sammy the Seahorse Adventures.



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