500 Billion To Buy Silence: Second Book “Electrifying Real Life Surreal Thriller”

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To Be Continued………. The story, “500 Billion to Buy Silence,” continues in the next Book # 2, “Electrifying Real Life Surreal Thriller.” This is a series of ten books for the entire story of how the forced hostile overthrow of the USA by the New World Order Satanists involving their plans how this would happen, to include numerous near death experience stories within the ten books.

Does the legendary freedom fighter Carolyn E. Griffin who is world famous among the people who are within the military satellite space based technology computer system, thwart the New World Order coup d’état, which is a forced hostile takeover of the USA?  Does she change the course of history from where the United States of America is on a crash-collision course to be overthrown?  Then how does she survive the kidnapping attempts, murder attempts in many ways, fraudulent arrest warrants, high incendiary explosive weapons, and the immense torture targeting?

The interference with the New World Order Satanist’s coup d’état plans is thwarting them, but it is nowhere near fully stopped. This overthrow of the USA can still happen, and is on schedule with plans in place beginning to play out, to take full forced hostile control over the United States of America.

The United States of America will not remain intact at this time with freedom for the people.  All of the people’s rights, liberties, and freedoms as this is known are about to be taken away once the USA falls under full throttle evil wicked control, still just in the near future.

This is not a conspiracy theory, or conjecture thinking as this story is all under military Intel proof where Carolyn Elizabeth Griffin survived to tell the story, to warn the people by informing them so there is no longer any secrecy at any level.

How does this all happen, and what is the fate of every American along with people worldwide?

This is still a very complex spider’s web of crimes where the New World Order Satanist’s exact plans are still very well hidden. The only part of this entire story told in Book # 1, is just exposing a few of their treasonous thieves. The people who have been protecting Carolyn Elizabeth Griffin at this time thought this is over, when it is not completely uncovered enough to stop them. Then even if this is completely stopped, how can these New World Order persons keep trying to re-group, to continue on with their plans, to overthrow the USA?  Then why should the public worldwide know about this?  Any remaining questions should be answered within the ten books!

As this entire story unfolds in Book # 2, what these New World Order satanists are trying to do coming at Carolyn Elizabeth Griffin radically shifts which starts to involve the forced takeover as they are still working out their plans, to take a forced hostile control over the United States of America!

What did happen to Marilyn Monroe the Golden Globes Actress ICON, President John F. Kennedy, and Robert Langmack – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), being revealed by a CIA uncle?

This also is proof under artificial intelligence determinations within the ten books that Heaven, God, Jesus, Angels, Satan, Demons, and Hell exists from the numerous near death experience stories, mainly in the last three books.




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