Nation Of Heros

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Nation Of Heros is a very emotionally moving heartfelt true story about how the Danish relatives of the author, who protected the Jews during the holocaust.

This takes place in Denmark where the author’s grandfather, Holger Christian Langmack worked with his dear friend King Christian X of Denmark.  This included other Danish relatives of the author including their involvement in protecting any Jew.

This story has never been told before because the Danish people did not believe in taking credit, or fame for what they did. So no books were written, and the information had to be gathered from the Danish relatives.

The Danish people did this from their genuine loving hearts, unto their powerful loving God, where they believed their reward is in heaven. Then perhaps this is why they are the happiest people on earth.

The story further covers the detailed ways the Danes very cleverly thought up ways to hide the Jews, to move them so they could escape into Sweden. They prayed earnestly for the success of fooling the German Nazis in protecting all Jews in Denmark.

The danger the Danes were in did not stop them as they moved the Jews right under the watch of the German Nazis who were in Denmark, who had been taking control over areas. Any Danish person would quickly hide Jews, and work to protect them as they favored them.

Then later, Holger Christian Langmack moved to the United States under King Christian X’s grace, and blessing working to re-establish the Jews with the King’s funds. Then once Holger Langmack was living in the United States to protect his Jewish Danish wife, he worked vicariously in different circles of people. He was responsible for the insertion of the words “UNDER GOD” in the United States Pledge of Allegiance.

The Danish people did this unto God, from their hearts as true servants of Almighty God. As all of Denmark worked to spare these Jewish lives from the peril of the deadly concentration camps, they became a Nation of Heros.


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