500 Billion To Buy Silence: First Book “Treasonous Wolves”

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This is an unprecedented one of a kind true story that has  twists, turns, and shocked everyone for this part of the horrifying riveting exposure, that turned into a horror nightmare reality.

The very high amounts of money offered to Ms. Griffin, to buy her silence up into the trillions which she turned down, to protect people everywhere had them dastardly angered in their madness.  The real question is why would anyone offer such high amounts of money to stop a story from being publicly told, or to buy a person’s silence?

Then who was coming at her, and why they could not be stopped like being completely unstoppable?  How was this happening that they were nearly unstoppable like it looked impossible to stop the forced take over of the USA?  Then why was this happening under such dark secrecy with nobody understanding this creeping to be doomed situation?  There are many answers to questions within the story that have twists, where nobody could figure this out. And the story answers how this was happening right under the US Government’s watch team where nothing was being detected.  Then how was Ms. Griffin the only person for several reasons in a position able to do something while being severely tortured under merciless torture targeting, where most people would not have done anything, and why?

This is not a conspiracy theory or conjecture thinking.  This all played out under military Intel which became irrefutable proof, during numerous prosecution cases all kept out of the press. So this is where the people were being kept in the dark, where most of them would not understand this at all, or mentally comprehend that this treasonous movement would happen.

So strap on your seatbelt as this is a wildly vicious Treasonous Wolves ride as the seething ruthless thieves continued stalking  Ms. Griffin like the prey to devour, with devious plays that go beyond anyone’s imagination.  This story will simply shock you like a twisted thriller high action powered movie involving seedy ruthless terrorizing twists.

This journey starting from under dark evil masterful deception, moving into the truth as it continually evolves into what transpires as an electrifying real life surreal thriller.  Then the story goes beyond anything normal, or what anyone could even imagine in the remaining books for the entire shocking true story!







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