The Albert House

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The Albert House is a true story about a Victorian mansion that had haunting demonic entities inside, acting out in unbelievably horrifying ways. How the mansion became this way, how it was uncovered for the answers, all of the continuous abnormal situations, how evil demonic entities appeared then disappeared, how it affected the people living inside, and what ended up happening?

Then the numerous perplexing unbelievable scary encounters with the unexplainable situations, while inside this mansion is what caused the owner to seek God. There were all kinds of questions as to what was causing all of the abnormal movements, and sounds within the mansion. This was a challenge due to not understanding spiritual unseen realms where the angelic, and demonic entities are active in movement.

This is an unseen spiritual realm that exists right beside the one we are in, the natural realm. Then the owner was not in fear of what this was as she was trying to analyze everything, and wanted it to leave.

The experience caused the deeper seeking to further understand directly from God, the answers. The owner kept trying to solve this, to get rid of the demonic entities continuously haunting challenge.

As the demonic entities continued acting out their fight the owner became even closer to Almighty God, learning to move in the gifts of the holy spirit to be able, to discern. This caused the gift of miracles to begin, to operate for all kinds of miracles, to happen.

The ways in which the understanding increased, the owner became more aware of the spiritual darkness causing the abnormal unbelievable taunting thriller scary situations. This is along with learning how the mansion became possessed with the evil that crawled throughout the night, slamming windows along with doors opening, and shutting violently fast. The pounding of men’s boots were being heard with very loud boot step sounds, with every slow step on the wood staircase causing one’s heart beat to race in a frantic trauma panic.

Then God opened her eyes to see in the spiritual realms, where there is an unseen world right beside the natural one. This is where angels, and demons could be seen with angels protecting her inside the Victorian mansion from the horrid evil presence, with different evil demonic entities.

This story breaks through with the understanding of what is causing the raging out of control, rampaging heart gripping demonic activity.

The deeper she sought Almighty God, he revealed the depth, breath, and height of HIS unfailing love. The owner’s faith in God to solve this brought about many experiences beyond what was happening inside the mansion.


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